Cathy Crowe

Cathy Crowe is a well-known advocate for the homeless who worked as a street nurse for over 20 years. From 2004 – 2009, she was the recipient of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation’s Economic Justice Award with the mandate to work both locally and nationally on issues related to homelessness. Her groundbreaking book, Dying For A Home, was one of the many positive outcomes that the Atkinson support made possible. Cathy has executive produced two films on family homelessness in Canada and is part of a group filing a constitutional charter challenge on the right to housing. She is a frequent media commentator and writer on issues related to homelessness.

Dying For A Home
x Dying For A Home

Dying For A Home, Homeless Activists Speak Out

Cathy Crowe always wanted to be a nurse but she never planned to be a street nurse – a title she continues to use to evoke the horror of homelessness in a rich country like Canada. In Dying for a Home, Crowe brings us the voices of ten homeless activists advocating for change. The word homeless conjures many stereotypes, but rarely does it suggest bravery, courage, charisma, or intelligence, qualities demonstrated by each of these determined individuals.

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