Donna Bailey Nurse

Donna Bailey Nurse is a Toronto-based literary journalist and lecturer who specializes in the work of black North American writers and artists. She is a frequent book reviewer for the Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Toronto Star, and the Montreal Gazette, and her articles exploring race and culture have appeared in these publications as well as in Maclean’s, Publishers Weekly, the Washington Post, and the Boston Globe.

x Revival

Revival, An Anthology of Black Canadian Writing

In this exciting and provocative collection, literary journalist Donna Bailey Nurse provides an up-to-date and fresh perspective on the vibrant, significant, and thriving genre of African-Canadian literature. Drawing on fiction, poetry, and memoir, she brings together an impressively varied selection of outstanding work by both well-known writers and new voices. Her lively and invaluable introduction deftly explores the various themes and motifs that define and illuminate the meaning of being black, while tracing the evolution of this influential literature through colonialism, post-colonialism, and decolonization. This engaging collection celebrates a body of writing that holds an increasingly visible and important place within Canadian literature.

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McClelland & Stewart

What’s a Black Critic To Do?
x What’s a Black Critic To Do?

What’s a Black Critic To Do?

This groundbreaking collection of profiles, interviews, essays and reviews on such well-known black writers and artists as Nalo Hopkinson, Dionne Brand, Austin Clarke, Lawrence Hill and Edwidge Danticat constitutes a frank conversation on the significance of race in contemporary Black Canadian and American literature. What’s a Black Critic to Do? is for anyone looking for a way to talk about the sometimes-taboo topic of race, as it appears in novels, movies and plays. Of interest to Black readers as well as teachers, librarians and book club members, this book is a vital snapshot of contemporary North American culture.

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Insomniac Press

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