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Peter Edwards is the author of ten books, including the highly praised One Dead Indian: The Premier, the Police and the Ipperwash Crisis. Edwards has been nominated four times for the Arthur Ellis Award for true crime writing and has been awarded an eagle feather from the Union of Ontario Indians as well as a gold medal from the Centre for Human Rights. He has lectured on organized crime at several universities, including the Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and McGill University and has been interviewed about organized crime for the BBC, CBC, CTV and History Television. He is a crime reporter for the Toronto Star. The feature length TV drama One Dead Indian, based on Edwards’ book of the same name, aired on CTV in January of 2006 attracting over one million viewers.

x Unrepentant

Unrepentant: The Strange and (sometimes) Terrible Life of Lorne Campbell, Satan’s Choice and Hells Angel Biker

In this explicit first-hand account, a biker who spent 46 years as a member of the Hells Angels and Satan’s Choice invites bestselling author Peter Edwards into the story of life lived as we’ve only imagined it.

A kid raised by his father’s fists on the wrong side of a blue-collar town, Lorne Campbell grew up watching the local bikers ride past, making him wonder what that kind of freedom and power would feel like. He soon found out. At the age of seventeen, he became the youngest-ever member of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club and spent the next five decades living a life for which he does not ask forgiveness, only that his story finally be told, and that his family finally understand what drove him to live the way he did. With moments of terror and humour, great sadness and the simple pleasures of camaraderie and the open road, Unrepentant is a book like none other.

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Germany - Stattverlag, North America - Random House, United Kingdom - Sidgwick & Jackson

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Blood or Business (with Antonio Nicaso)

An investigation into the ongoing war between Vito Rizzuto and his allies and the Calabrian mafia in Canada, particularly since Rizzuto’s release from prison in Colorado in 2012 and the significance of the conflict to the global balance of power in organized crime.

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North American English - Random House Canada

The Bandido Massacre
x The Bandido Massacre

The Bandido Massacre: A True Story of Bikers, Brotherhood and Betrayal

On the morning of April 8, 2006, residents of the hamlet of Shedden, Ontario, woke up to the news that the bloodied bodies of eight bikers from the Bandidos biker gang had been found dead on a local farm. The massacre made headlines around the world, and the shocking news brought a grim light to an otherwise quiet corner of the province. Six Bandidos would eventually be convicted of the first-degree murder of their biker brothers. As gripping as any crime novel, The Bandido Massacre takes us inside a crumbling brotherhood bent on betrayal and self-obliteration.

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One Dead Indian
x One Dead Indian

One Dead Indian: The Premier, the Police and the Ipperwash Crisis

On September 4, 1995, several Stoney Point Natives entered Ipperwash Provincial Park, near Sarnia, Ontario, and began a peaceful protest aimed at reclaiming a traditional burial ground. Within seventy-two hours, one of those protestors, Anthony (Dudley) George, was dead, shot by an OPP officer. In One Dead Indian, Peter Edwards examines the circumstances surrounding George’s death and asks a number of probing questions, including: How much pressure did the Ontario government put on the OPP to get tough?

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McClelland & Stewart

One Dead Indian DVD
x One Dead Indian DVD

One Dead Indian DVD

The movie drama, One Dead Indian, chronicles the controversial 1995 incident in which Native Canadian protester Dudley George was shot dead by OPP officer Kenneth Deane during a protest at Ontario’s Ipperwash Provincial Park.

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Mongrel Media

x Delusion

Delusion: The True Story of Victorian Super Spy Henri Le Caron

In 1866, the Dominion of Canada was not yet a nation, but it was a target for Irish rebels living in the United States who were seeking Ireland’s liberation from British occupation. Using many aliases, Henri Le Caron turned from restless adventurer to cloak-and-dagger operative risking everything—his career, his family, and his life—for Queen and country. In Delusion: The True Story of Victorian Superspy Henri Le Caron, Peter Edwards reveals the early history of Canadian, British, and American intelligence gathering. Weaving this story of intrigue, Edwards shows that what is called “freedom fighting” by some and “terrorism” by others is as old as the hills.

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Key Porter

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The Infiltrator, Henri Caron; The British Spy Inside the Fenian Movement

Henri le Caron (1841-1894) was a British spy who, inspired by genuine patriotic feeling, infiltrated the Fenian movement in 1865, as they were planning a plot against The Dominion of Canada. Risking everything – his career, his family and even his life – for Queen and country, he continued to work undercover until 1889, when his cover was finally blown. Through the fascinating life story of this extraordinary man, Peter Edwards reveals the early history of Canadian, British and American intelligence agencies and their infiltration of the Irish Republican movement.

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Maverick House

The Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime
x The Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime

The Canadian Encyclopedia of Organized Crime (with Michel Auger)

Respected crime reporters Peter Edwards and Michel Auger have pooled their research and expertise to create The Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime. Sometimes grim, sometimes amusing, and always entertaining, this book is filled with 300 entries and more than 150 illustrations, covering centuries of organized crime. From pirates such as “Black Bart,” who sheltered in isolated Newfoundland coves to strike at the shipping lanes between Europe and the North American colonies, all the way to the recent influx of Russian mobsters, who arrived after the end of the Cold War in 1989 and are now honing their sophisticated technological skills on the Western public, Edwards and Auger enumerate the personalities and the crimes that have kept Canadian law enforcement busy.

Rights sold:
McClelland & Stewart

A Mother’s Story
x A Mother’s Story

A Mother’s Story: The Fight to Save My Son David (with Joyce Milgaard)

For thirty years, Joyce Milgaard told anyone who would listen that her son David was an innocent man, sentenced to life in prison at age seventeen for a rape and murder he did not commit. From the time David was imprisoned in 1970, Joyce Milgaard pleaded with prime ministers, justice ministers, lawyers, scientists, church groups, police and the media to achieve her son’s freedom. Finally, David was released from prison in 1992, and in the summer of 1997, his name was cleared as a result of DNA evidence. Joyce Milgaard’s first-person story is an inspiring example of the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, an illustration of the supportive strength of religious faith, and an empowering victory for the human spirit.

Rights sold:
Doubleday Canada

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